capturing moving memories

The days of static photo booths are in the past. Now we can capture and create 360° seamless videos in high definition.

Eye-catching, unique and great fun, the 360 Selfie Booth will get your event off to a spin and create some truly magical moving memories.


What Comes With The 360 Selfie Booth

We stock a range of special effect extras that you can add to your booking to make your event even more memorable! Simply add them to your basket when making your booking.

Every 360 Selfie Booth booking includes…

Event Attendant

We provide a 360 Selfie Attendant with every booking to make sure everything goes perfectly...and to guide your guests in pulling off some great moves!

360 Lighting

We want to capture your best angle at all times. With every booking we provide lighting all the way around the 360 Selfie Booth so that we get the best shots with every spin.

Online Gallery

Every video captured on the 360 Selfie Booth gets uploaded to your own online gallery. Share this with your guests and on social media.

Custom Branding

Simply send us your event logo or design and we'll add it to your online gallery and videos plus a 20 second clip of your chosen song. A 3 or 4 hour hire also includes...

A 3 hour or 4 hour hire also includes...

Sharing Station

The iPad Sharing Station allows you and your guests to view the all captured videos instantly with the ability to share them straight away via email, SMS, Whatsapp and even AirDrop!

Prop Trunk

Photo booths are always more fun with props! We have a trunk (an actual trunk...think Harry Potter) full of hats, wigs, glasses and more to make your videos even more fun!

Bubble Guns

Nothing makes our 360 videos look more magical than bubbles! That’s right, with our 3 and 4 hour hires we can bring along our bubble guns.

On a 4 hour hire you also get...

Confetti Cannons

With our 4 hour hire we include handheld confetti cannons or one of our confetti launchers. These are available to add to all bookings.


What Happens On A 360 Selfie Booth

Step onto the Platform and Strike a Pose

Get ready to enter the world of 360° magic! Once you take your position on the platform inside the video booth, it's time to show off your best poses and expressions. Get creative and let your personality shine!

Camera Circles Around You

While you pose with your crew, our advanced camera technology gracefully rotates around you, capturing every angle in stunning 360° detail.

Ultra-High Definition Videos

Experience the clarity and depth of detail of ultra-high definition videos that showcase the entire environment around you. Your videos will be instantly uploaded to your own online gallery, ready for you to access, share and enjoy.


Ideal for a diverse range of events, the 360 Selfie Booth is the perfect addition to elevate any occasion. Contact us today to request a call and discuss how we can enhance your upcoming event.

Unforgettable Wedding Experiences

Create the ultimate wedding memory by capturing the smiles and moves of your guests with our immersive 360 Selfie Booth. Let the joy and excitement of your wedding reception be encapsulated in unique and engaging videos that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Corporate Events and Brand Activations

Leave a lasting impression on your guests and make your event truly unforgettable. The 360 Selfie Booth is not only a source of entertainment but also a powerful marketing tool. It becomes the talk of the town and a captivating way to have your guests share your brand online, generating buzz and increasing your brand visibility.

Unleash the Fun at Private Events

No matter the occasion, the 360 Selfie Booth is the video booth experience like no other. With the capacity to accommodate up to six adults at a time, you can capture amazing group shots that showcase your private event. It’s guaranteed to be an absolute blast for everyone involved!

Choose the 360 Selfie Booth and add that extra touch of excitement, engagement, and entertainment to your event. Let us create unforgettable moments and ensure that your guests have an amazing time.

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